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What We Do

We operate our own manufacturing facilities in China. This is no small challenge and the complexity of managing it day-to-day is why companies go the 3rd party sourcing route. We are really good at doing this and it is why some of the largest global brands rely on us. We deliver innovative and complex products that incorporate technology elements and specialized materials,  in addition to everyday retail and promotional items. 


We offer soup to nuts design services for brand clients. Our extensive experience with custom product development means you won't design in manufacturing and compliance challenges that derail your products. We know how to make things and that means our team members bring to your team unique expertise that minimizes cost overruns, schedule delays, and compliance and tariff roadblocks. We have earned a reputation for developing specialized equipment and techniques to make your concepts real. Technology-centric products, such as wearables, are fully in our wheelhouse; we can source integrated components in addition to your custom electronics. 


We do metals, plastics, and stitch-and-sew in our factories. We were a pioneer in bringing high quality metal manufacturing to China for retail and promotional products. Our experience with plastics of all types is with few equals and our team history with metal manufacturing predates our company alone. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art, located in mainland China, with experienced leadership and local relationships that ensure a qualified labor force is readily available. 


Making things in China is hard for American and European companies. Sourcing labor and plant facilities that maintain acceptable working conditions, material handling, and 3rd party compliance is a make-or-break proposition. We eliminate that risk and we do it with wholly-owned facilities managed with attention to detail and working conditions. Our regulatory compiance is without equal, meeting not only government regulations but also stringent corporate initiatives at Disney and Nike. 


Getting your product into the retail channel through your distribution or direct-to-store is what we manage. It sounds easy but it is hard to do at scale when customs paperwork, air and sea freight, and custom packaging must be organized with clocklike precision. 

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