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Founded in 2001 with an idea, a lot of energy, and the fearlessness that is found in every successful entrepreneur. From those early days Lizal grew and expanded to new product categories and it was a decision to move into retail products that truly changed the trajectory of the company. Delivering revenue producing products for global brand clients required a significant investment in manufacturing operations. The investments in factories are people are what makes everything we do today possible. Almost two decades of experience, working for you.


Please excuse us if we don't make a big deal about all the amazing people on our team. We have an extensive team on two continents but we operate a pretty flat org structure that helps us stay lean and fast.

Lisa Nolan / Co-founder

Lisa is a entrepreneur at heart. With a background in the luxury fashion industry, Lisa took an idea that high quality luxury products could be manufactured in China to hit mid-market price points and made it happen. Residing in the SF Bay Area with her family and dogs, Lisa is committed to mentoring youth and supporting women in executive positions. 

Alan Zoltie / Co-founder

Alan brings a long history of promotional product manufacturing expertise to Lizal. Co-founder of the company, Alan relies on a deep network of associates across Asia, Europe and Israel for the right expertise at the right time. Residing in Southern California, Alan manages several distinct lines of business for Lizal in addition to strategic clients. 

Jessica Tang / Managing Partner Asia

Jessica is a rare type of person who takes an western approach to business in China. She is direct and unflinching, honest and ethical. Jessica manages all operations in Asia for Lizal and that spans everything from material sourcing, capital projects, factory operations, and interfacing with local officials. Jessica is a native of Taiwan. 

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