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We don't disclose who our clients but we understand that you want to know we are legit. Here are a few you will recognize. We work with leading global brands and innovators in startups. Our flexible production system can accommodate high volume and small run projects. Our clients value our work but also the confidentiality we maintain. We protect their brands by delivering products that meet regulatory requirements from facilities that are safe, secure, and respectful of workers.


Whether you are a Silicon Valley startup in search of event swag or a global brand stocking your retail shelves with logoed merchandise, we have the experience to deliver for you. 



"Lizal is awesome to work with! I'm continuously impressed by how closely they pay attention to detail at every touch point of production. The team is focused on delivering on time and on budget, and doing it with a high level of customer service and communication. Their efficiency allows me to have fewer things to worry about so I can focus my time on growing my business."

- Lindsay Albanese, TOPTOTE Creator

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